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1910 - 2003

Shivnandan Nandkishor Mishra College Bhairavasthan was established on 26 June 1984 as an institution of higher education with an objective of spreading the light of knowledge among the downtrodeen and especially the girls of this locality. The college is situated in the highly backward area of Madhubani district, a flood – prone region, west of the river kamla Balan under Jhanjhapur Block. This college is at a walking distance, nearly half K.M. North of the famous Bhairavasthan Teample. This area is extremely backward economically as well as educationally. A meeting of renowned intellectuals of this area was held in the sacred premises of Bhairavasthan on 26.06, 1984. Everybody present in the meeting felt a great need of the college for the purpose of imparting higher education to the wards of the poor under privileged people, especially to the girl students of this area. The students particularly girls couldnot go to Jhanjharpur due to the river Kamla Balan and Madhubani which is at a distance of 30 kms. Hence a unanimous decision was taken to open a college and late Shivnandan Mishra of near by village Naruar agreed to offer the required piece of land for the purpose of establishment of the college. The most remarkable point to be noted is that the idea of establishing an academic institution came into the mind of such a person who had almost no academic qualifications. The inner urge for such an institution touched the very core of his heart and he left no stone unturned in the fulfilment of generous desire. He used to go to Bhairavasthan from his village by bicycle, avoiding four – wheelers, to supervise himself the development work of the college till he was physically fit. His regards for teachers was highly praiseworthy..

In the beginning the classes were started in the local Gopal Narayan High School, but within a year late Shivnandan Mishra with his painstaking effort and big generous heart created a pucca building on its own land. The college started to run there very smoothly. The necessary infrastructure, furniture and stationery etc. along with reserve fund were arranged by late Shivnandan Mishra and his son Keshav Kishore Mishra..

The worthy son [Sri Keshav Kishor Mishra] of a worthy father became the founder secretary of the institution. The allround development of the institution is the result of his honest and efficient endeavour. One of the strongest pillars of the college was the founder principal, Prof. Rajeshwar Mishra. He nourished and nurtured the institution like his own offspring. The college wouldnot have flourished without his sincere and painstaking effort. Classes started with a handful of vanguished students and volunteer teachers namely Prof. Rajeshwar Mishra as Prof. In-Charge, Dr. Bidyanand Thakur of English, Prof. Hari Nath Jha of Political Science, Dr. Kamnath Mishra of Sociology, Prof. Hari Nath Jha of Political Science, Dr. Kamnath Mishra of Sociology, Prof. Hari Nath Jha of Sanskrit, Prof. Kailash Nath Mishra of Hindi, Prof. Kailash Nath Jha of Maithili, Dr. Manoj Kumar Chaudhary of History and Prof. Chandrashekhar Jha of Economics. These were the founder teachers who served without a penny only with the great mission of serving the promising young men and women of this area. The institution and the people of this area are really indebted to them.

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